Is Sea Of Thieves On MAC?

Mac gaming has been on the rise in recent years, and one popular title is Sea of Thieves. But is the game safe to play?

Some users have been reporting a variety of issues with the game, from crashing to being locked out of their accounts.

In this article, we will explore these issues and whether or not they represent a safety risk for players.

What is Sea of Thieves on Mac?

Sea of Thieves is an upcoming cooperative multiplayer game for the Xbox One and PC. It was announced during Microsoft’s E3 2017 press conference, and is set in the world of Pirates of the Caribbean. The game is being developed by Rare, who also made such games as Banjo-Kazooie, Donkey Kong Country, and GoldenEye 007.

Players can choose from one of eight characters (four human and four pirate) and captain their own ship. They will need to navigate their way through different areas in order to pillage treasures, fight enemies, and make new friends. Sea of Thieves will feature cross-platform gameplay so players on both PCs and Xbox One can play together.

How to Download and Install Sea of Thieves on Your Mac?

Sea of Thieves for macOS is now available through the Mac App Store. Here’s how to download and install it:

1) Open the App Store on your Mac.
2) In the Search bar, type “Sea of Thieves” and press Enter.
3) In the Sea of Thieves category, find the app and click on it to open it.
4) Click Install to begin the installation process.
5) Once installed, you can launch Sea of Thieves by clicking on its icon in Applications.

How to Play Sea of Thieves on Mac?

If you’re looking for a pirate game that can be played on your Mac, Sea of Thieves is a great option. The game is available in both standard and high definition, and can be played with either a mouse or controller. You can also join public games or create your own co-op and multiplayer matches with friends.

To start playing, launch the game from the Applications folder. Once it’s open, you will need to select your character, which you will create using either the included tutorials or by customizing one of the pre-made characters. Each ship has its own unique abilities and weapons, so choose wisely!

Once you have chosen your ship and created your character, it’s time to set sail! To move around the world map, use the left and right arrow keys, while W/A/S/D move you around the deck of your ship. To attack enemies or pillage their ships, use the spacebar or Q/E/R to fire your cannons.

There are many different objectives that you can complete while sailing around the Sea of Thieves world map. Some tasks include finding treasure chests hidden in remote islands, racing other players to find hidden coins in dangerous sea lanes, or hunting down fearsome creatures living in remote seas.

If you want to take on more challenging challenges however, there are special vanity quests that can be completed in order to gain rewards such as rare items or even new ships

Beginner Tips for Playing Sea of Thieves:

If you’re a new player of Sea of Thieves, here are some tips to get started:

-To join a ship, open the world map and head to the search tab. There you can find a list of ships looking for crew. Click on one to join its chat channel.

-To sail your ship, use the left mouse button to move the camera around and use the right mouse button to zoom in or out. To raise or lower sails, use the Q key (by default). The E key lets you change direction.

-When you encounter other ships, try to avoid getting into fights by sailing close together and selecting “trade” from your cursor menu. You’ll both receive a boost in speed and resources – enough to afford repairs if necessary!

-You can explore islands by boarding them using your boat or by swimming ashore. Be careful not to fall overboard – sharks patrol these waters! And remember: treasure is always worth hunting for!


Unfortunately, at this time we can unfortunately confirm that Sea of Thieves is not currently available on Mac. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and our team remains committed to delivering an amazing experience across all platforms. In the meantime, please check out some of our other great games!

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